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Han Yi-an liked Eun-byul and he cares for her very much. More to see of you and love you. Jenelyn Batalla Mar 02 2017 4:39 am Hope for your more projects and hope to see you soon :). hi nam joo hyuk i love you. Like ohers your photo is kept as my whatsapp amd mobile wallpaper ????????❤❤❤❤. Ha intervistato, tra altri, Bill Clinton, Itzaak Rabin, Yasser Arafat, Benazir Bhutto, Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Desmond Tutu, Willy Brandt, Helmut Schmidt, George Soros, Noam Chomsky, Jacques LeGoff e Paul … I love u both.. Impressive acting job switching back and forth between at least 7 very different personalities! He has improved so much since the last time I watched him in School 2015. @funi hehe reply 1988:D I think he is one of the most perfect man i've ever seen in my life; handsome and cute at the same time, really tall, has a set of beautiful eyes, killing smile, oh well killing abs hehe and he is also a manly type of person.. His acting is good enough by the way and even improving in Glamourous Temptation and Cheese In A Trap.. wow so handsome, zaynab jana Aug 08 2014 8:25 am !I hope that oppa acting film. So sad that WLFKBJ has a low rating. Don't forget to practise your basketball though. FILM in tvGuida tv. Bae Suzy nel ruolo di Go Hye-mi. South Korea is so lucky to have the incredible, gifted, and good looking actors you have. Leighereign Aug 21 2014 9:01 am Been your fan after watching Weightlifting Fairy and from their, i watched your other series (Who Are You, Bride of Habaek) then will watch Light in your Eyes and Scarlet Heart and just recently, watched your first movie, The Great Battle alongside Zo In-Sung. keep it up!! Speaking of Who Are You: School 2015, I just finished watching it and I'm so happy because the ending turned out exactly how I hoped and felt it would. DaPan Dec 31 2016 1:25 pm I think Kim so Hyun is the best actress to you. lily Nov 17 2016 6:24 am BTW, your abs are nice. Sesange.. M Nov 02 2016 2:48 am Keytie Jun 29 2019 3:13 pm God bless! I am a silent fan of yours since 2015. goodluck... hwaiting! Other people like jisoo have to work harder than him to get as a main lead just because he's not from a big agency. Rowee Mar 11 2017 10:42 am ?I adore him, (@casseydyosa) Feb 15 2017 9:51 am Informazioni, scheda, e trailer di Rush - Regia di R. Howard, con D.Bruhl, C.Hemsworth; GBR/DEU 2013. Wish i can have a Joonhyung-like boyfriend in real life lol. ?❤️, @Someone@ Sep 28 2020 7:14 am Hi oppa! W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); r Dec 02 2020 8:46 am Sunbeam Sep 08 2017 12:53 am Hunter Jan 05 2017 9:37 pm Your the best actor for me.. Keep it up.. Godbless. Miss this guy... see you in 2019 "The Light in Your Eyes". He is a big actor, congratulations!!!! so however many thumb's up for nam joo-hyuk . Your acting so cool and you are so handsome yuri Jun 29 2015 6:50 am <3 :-*, .RLHYNNE Jul 03 2015 6:08 am I swear he needs to play in more dramas. He made me fall in love with his character in Weightlifting Fairy. WHY OHHH WHYYYYY ;__; Arif se. Everything u do is cute! I think his acting is perfect in Bride of the Water God! Saranghae! Continua a leggere l'articolo originale e l'interessantissimo report nell'infografica: I love you NJH oppa cute❤️☺️, Hyeja Mar 05 2019 11:44 am Nam joo hyuk wow kudos . Suweeegggg ! e rigorosa prima ballerina internazionale Emanuela Bianchini e dagli artisti della Compagnia Mvula Sungani, che il pubblico ha già avuto modo di apprezzare per aver danzato nei maggiori teatri europei, e per la sua partecipazione a molti programmi televisivi, tra cui il Concerto di Capodanno dalla Fenice di Venezia trasmesso in mondovisione. He can convey emotion through expression and by that I think he's a good actor. Saranghaeyo oppa! NAM ~JOO ...... Is soo cute wish him all the best for his upcoming dramas..... Cha E Dec 11 2020 4:37 pm Looks like Lee Jung Shin from CNBLUE. You're such an amazing actor. I really love his side in Start Up..cant wait for his new role...and Start Up really one of the best k-drama for 2020!!!! And I really like your act in weightlifting fairy Kim boo joo Barbara a PomeriggioCinque (Che Diva!) . He resembles him perfectly, Koreanloverrr Aug 31 2020 1:26 pm lovejirowang May 21 2015 11:28 pm My eyes hurt!! keep up the great work! 26/11/2009, 15:56. KC Manuel Sep 13 2017 9:45 pm fighting si tinggi!!! you're such a good Actor, I really like your smile, your character as Han Yi-an ! Never under 30 years old one. His acting improved so much in his recent drama The Bride of Habaek! The way he act as Nam Do San is very good. Nasya clark Oct 10 2015 5:02 am Annyeong Oppa! thank you for your hard work, Ju Hyeok oppa. aja! Omg we have the same birthday!!!!!!!! jhun Philippines Nov 16 2020 1:50 am I adore you , your are charming , every acting part are perfect for you , you are the best . Utente 4xP. Does he join some K-groups? Oppa waiting more dramas from you eh :P Fan From Belgium.

25 min. Francy_Ca. By Francy_Ca "Fantasia" Olycom *dany-plin* 8 Replies. Jheidi Phoemella Nov 20 2015 5:03 am liz Jun 30 2019 1:36 am saranghea oppa❤. Sono le persone finte, conformiste, omogeneizzate dai programmi televisivi, dalle radio che trasmettono solo musica commerciale, dal consumismo, dal pensiero unico, tutte uguali l’une alle altre, come appunto due bottiglie di plastica sono uguali tra di loro. Robilu minin ....nam joo is love he is too cute ? Plus... it's not easy for tall men to pull off handsome and adorable at the same time. Can I be your Kim Bok Joo someday? Your role as Nam Do San in Start Up was warm and refreshing at the same time. Saranghae oppa! Forever.. Love u so much.. Jade Rivera Aug 17 2015 1:55 am I love you in who are you school 2015, Saranghaeyo ! Jenelyn Batalla Mar 02 2017 4:41 am Elle Nov 30 2020 4:39 pm Suzan Michelle Collins, age 45, Phippsburg, ME 04562 View Full Report Known Locations: Phippsburg ME, 04562, Harpswell ME 04079, Brunswick ME 04011 Possible Relatives: Jane P Collins, Michael Lee Collins, Ricardo W Collins . An article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for the month of July 2020. Hoping for More film and series. Chhoeying Feb 21 2017 9:21 am Keep it up!! you were so awesome! It was awesome. I'm really happy that he's the 'Hero' in Weightlifting Fairy cause he deserves it. Anvi Aug 06 2017 5:46 pm 12 maggio, 2018 - 23:35. saranghaeyo <3, Mark ungui May 21 2017 8:11 am He is not just a handsome face. I can't wait to see more from this actor! No wonder he looks familiar he's the guy from akdong love him in surplus princess :3, mai Sep 13 2014 12:01 pm It's like "My Annoying Brother 2" or "Memories of Bali 2" maybe. Elizabeth Jan 05 2017 10:57 pm Waiting for your more stunning works, you can do it! I will always support you in my entire life ^^ Your acting makes me cry in the scene while you are struggle to swim but, your shoulder hurt. Uve got that innocent naïve look totally cute! He looks so netural in "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo". I loved him since The bride of Habaek :). I look forward to watching more of him in his upcoming series and movies. Dont mind the ratings, there are lots of international fans that support this drama and I'm definitely one of them!! Your acting was so Great in Weightlifting fairy. L’Amazon Echo Show da 8 pollici è l’ultima proposta di questo tipo di Amazon, che si va ad aggiungere agli Echo Show da 5 e 10 pollici. Van Dyke Parks (nato il 3 gennaio 1943) è un musicista, cantautore, arrangiatore e produttore discografico americano che ha composto varie colonne sonore di film e televisione. his acting still has lots of room for improvement as i think for now its only "okay". Kintanist Jan 05 2017 10:33 pm (Sungjae is from a boyband and they're all about acting but I agree he did a good job in School 2015 and in Goblin). You’re an adorable awesome soul ❤️? such a great actor <3 <3 <3 <3 looking forward to your new drama <3 <3 #YGstan, Dachy Shawol Mar 02 2017 7:45 pm It's great he got a new project after Surplus Princess 'cause he truly deserve it! You got me at Surplus Princess, imma watch School 2015! He suits the comedic roles really well but needs to do more diverse characters like he done with Scarlet Heart. His acting really amaze me...I didn't expect Suzy feat Joohyuk will work but it is. G. Mar 09 2017 8:45 pm Ever since I've seen him, all I find myself wishing, hoping and praying for is for fate to somehow bring us together. Adekelly Aug 29 2017 10:54 am fighting and i think weightlifting fairy kim bok joo is awesome and to me it's even better than legend of the blue sea. >﹏<. Sally BTS ARMY Nov 01 2020 12:31 am I love their friendship. Keep charming, NJH! Someday, I wish to see his real facial hair in a drama or movie... not the fake one done by make up... LowKey Aug 20 2017 6:28 am I admire you more when I saw your IG posts watching the live game of GSW and a pic or Stephen Curry. i really fall in love with his Joonhyung character! ?❤️❤️❤️ Dec 12 2020 4:08 am You are so good. ? I think you definitely one of the best actors beside Kim Woo bin. well except for the year im 1997 but Who cares i LOVE YOU Han YIan. I really loved you in there. You have potential. Cant wait for his next series. Stay humble and congratulations! It couldn't be denied that many people feel that his character in Startup is unlikeable because of a certain traits (opportunist, selfish, etc). jane Apr 03 2016 11:26 pm Oppa fighting:) Ohh by the way i'm 3 years older from him and naahh i don't even care since every handsome guys are oppa to me:D. abe Feb 05 2016 4:23 am 96 Views. Acting on fleek. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); shakira Sep 28 2014 8:53 pm First see u in The School Nurse Files. Congratulations for getting an award as Best New Actor. Soooo daebak. Can't wait to finish Startup! Good job! NJH consistently grows as an actor, I admire his tenacity and look forward to future projects to come. Cnboicegirl Jul 14 2017 6:37 am OMGG! Also, you have a really really cute smile! 12/10/2008, 21:44. don't be intimidate with low rating, etc... you have given your best and you just awesome!!! <3 ur roll in cheese in the trap hope to see more awesome acting :) :) Hwaiting! Anna dei Mille giorni/ Su Reteil film con Richard Burton . offerta translation in Italian-English dictionary. You have great potentials NJH. Riguardo alla tv a colori, si la Tv Svizzera e Capodistria offrivano programmi a colori e in italiano, e fu probabilmente proprio lo sfruttamento (illegale) dei loro segnali sul nostro territorio da parte di alcuni venditori di televisori a dare l'inizio alle televisioni private. Omo...he's so cute, sarah Sep 13 2014 2:41 am Joohyuk really good actor. He so beautiful boy and nice guy and He so cute!!!!! His acting is getting better and better. I first saw this guy in Akmu's 200% and Give Love.?? Weird coincidences? Mr. Nam acts as if he had 30yrs of experience and the series The Bride of Habaek is delightfully scripted & performed. have loved him since surplus princess. hyuanawati Dec 26 2016 1:50 am Nam Ju Hyeok truly is an amazing actor. I really hope if 'Spirit Fingers' webtoon (by Kyoungchal Han) is made into drama, Nam Joo Hyuk will play as Kijeong. My oppa........ my handsome oppa, I love your Acting and your dramas. Nam Joo Hyuk, you're seriously an underrated actor!!!!!!!! Ohh its very icant explain what i feel but everytime i watch ,my body is just like shaking ????? WAITING for ur the others drama, Veronica Jan 26 2016 5:06 am I am impressed, and will follow up your works. You're killing it in Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo! He hasn't been acting for long, he's been given some great parts and I'm sure he'll get better with experience. Also, I love how he portrays the naive and adorable character of Nam Do San. Idalia Nieves Apr 03 2020 3:41 am //]]>, //

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